Justification to Rename This Blog "We Walk Faster Than You"

It's been awhile since I posted.  Please allow me to recap what's been going on in my absence:

I got married.

That's pretty much it.  One might say, "Holy shit, Dude!  Congratulations!" or, "How's married life?" or even, "Pffft.  Ain't no excuse to not keep bloggin'."  To which I would say, "Thanks!", "The same, except now I have in-laws", and "You're right", respectively.

The week of the wedding, we rented a Mustang.  Traditionally, I have been the driver in our relationship, regardless of transmission type, country or natural setting.  It's just one of those things upon which we seem to have agreed at an early stage in our relationship.  Up until this past September, there had been only one exception:  New York City.

Now, I've driven from the Northern tip of New Zealand to the far South, in a manual transmission, on the LEFT-hand side of the road, but there has always been something about driving in New York that terrified me, so we would always pull over onto the shoulder somewhere just shy of the Lincoln Tunnel or the GWB and my Bride would take over.  This all came to an end a few months ago.

I decided, if I was going to man up and put a ring on this lady's finger, I needed to man up and learn how to drive in NYC, as well.  So over the course of that month, as we shuttled around town in our Mustang, I learned two important things about driving in The Big Apple, that you may either take as your own, or ignore.  It's entirely up to you:

  1. "NYC Taxi Drivers" shall henceforth be allowed to join dogs, sharks and bees on a list of "Things That Can Smell Fear".
  2. Driving on the Goethals Bridge is just as (if not more) distasteful than pronouncing it's name.
Happy New Year, Everybody.  My New Year's Resolution this year will end up being one of two things; either relax on my commute more (and therefore blog less), or blog more (and therefore relax less).  Either way, you'll be kept posted.