MetroCard Belt Buckle™


(A woman just can't find the subway card in her big purse.  People are bumping into her as she becomes increasingly frustrated )

Tired of standing in front of that busy turnstyle, fumbling around for a fare card you can never seem to find?  Too busy texting and playing with your important handheld device to realize how close to the entrace gates you actually are?

(Jib into spokesman standing over display)

I'm here to show you a revolutionary new product.  The MetroCard Belt Buckle™.    The MetroCard Belt Buckle™ has been mathematically proven to save you valuable time at the subway entrance, far more than traditional belt buckles, and when you're done swiping, you wear it! How does the revolutionary MetroCard Belt Buckle™ work? 

(Cut to a still closeup of a MetroCard Belt Buckle)

Just look the patented 'hipster blacksmith technology':  2 stylish plates scientifically proven to provide a metal case for your card!


(Spokesman sets it down on the countertop.  Divide screen to see ordinary subway card versus subway card and belt buckle)

Just look at this seemlingly ordinary belt buckle encase a metrocard!

(A man watching the subway pass by as he furiously balances his coffee and newspaper and looks through his backpack)

Oh, no!  Did John miss his train again?  No problem with the MetroCard Belt Buckle™!  And after you're done swiping, you have a fashion-forward accessory you're already wearing!  Wow!

(Same man taking card out of belt buckle and swiping effortlessly)

Now, we realize your time is valuable, and so is the time of those around you.  "But how can I save time AND look like the Brooklyn hipster/Upper West Side widow/Bronx MS-13 member I am?"  We have the solution for you!

(Show belt buckle on display prominently with a stamp that says 'all natural')

It benefits children too!  Your kids will LOVE spending the time you've saved with you.

(Show three kids smile, cast multi-ethnic if possible)


“I have no idea how I ever went anywhere before I found The MetroCard Belt Buckle™!”

“It's so easy and fun, it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing a belt!  And the metallic coloring is sublime.”

(Back to spokesman)

But that's not all.  Order your The MetroCard Belt Buckle™ now, and get complimentary full access to the rest of the products on our website!  We're have no doubt that once you try this first purchase, you'll be back again and again!

Just go to the website below and order today!

(Speed disclaimer)

Order HERESee it on the news HERE!  See our other infomercials HERE



  1. Sign me up! I can't WAIT to get my brand new bel...er..125 bucks?

  2. One Hundred. Twenty Five. Bucks.

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